MongoDB & Mongoose Module Needs Work

Not sure if this is the right place to post, and not pointing fingers as I understand people have contributed their time, but I don’t feel that the MongoDB and Mongoose module is at the same standard of the others I’ve completed to date.

Explanations are opaque and students (I feel) are left too much to their own devices here. It generally feels a bit rushed and not as considered as the others, which have been fantastic.

I think it needs some work, and apologise if I’m stepping on someone’s toes here but it would be great to see it polished to the level of the other challenges.

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Hello there,

This is the right place to post. However, it is much more helpful, if you find something specific that is missing/incorrect, to open up an issue in the freeCodeCamp repo mentioning all necessary information.

Fortunately/Unfortunately, the tools fCC teach update, and breaking changes are introduced. This does require constant maintenance, which is difficult for a not-for-profit of less than 10 staff. Which is where wonderful contributors come in.

Something to keep in mind:

  • By this point in the curriculum, campers should be confident to do their own research to destroy bugs, and figure out how to use tools. I realise this is no excuse, but the hand-holding does need to stop at some point (in my opinion).
  • The curriculum is having a major overhall with version 7.0 being worked on. This will practically make the current lessons redundant. So, it is not in the staff’s best interest to spend time updating something that is going to be removed. v7.0 Curriculum
  • v7.0 addresses many issues currently present, and if you are interested, you can help contribute!
  • The tools fCC currently make use of (Glitch,, CodePen), often limit the ways the content can be taught. Again, not an excuse, but something that is being worked on.

freeCodeCamp are excellent at responding to issues campers bring up. So, keep doing so, but if you want to see quick change, contributing is one of the best ways to help.

Hi Shaun,

I appreciate your thoughtful response, thank you.

I understand there’s not really much that can be done about this module and the issues I’m raising are probably best dealt with in a new version of the entire module. There aren’t big bugs per-se, but for example test results are quite cryptic and instructions are dense and feel rushed/compressed.

I agree that campers should be able to self-soothe by this point and I am certainly managing to get the challenges done, but this unit feels as if it obscures the information rather than exposes it—in fact simply following the standard Mongoose Getting Started materials would be a better experience: but I don want to finish the module and gain the accreditation, so I soldier on!

I don’t want to offend anyone with this feedback as contributions to the module should be commended. I think this should really just be taken as feedback for the next version of it, which by the sounds of things will be forthcoming.

I’m a big fan of and donator to fCC and do indeed hope to be able to contribute in the future, when I have the confidence and knowledge to do so!

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open a bug report with suggestions on how to make them less cryptic, case by case

open a bug report with specific suggestions

maybe even contribute yourself in making it better

Yes, yes, I get it: don’t complain, contribute.

I don’t think the material should be free from criticism or not open to discussion at a strategic level prior to capturing that in Issues or contributions.

criticism is useful if it brings to something. If you write just on the forum, it can bring to a discussion, for it to bring to action, an issue on github has much more effect

github issues also can have long discussions on how something it’s best to be changed, but then it’s also in the right place for the discussion to have effect

Yes, I understand that. How would you suggest encapsulating this discussion in an Issue, though? In my opinion it’s not an implementation problem (feature or bug), but a strategic problem.

for an overhaul of the cert, the curriculum 7.0 will be released (hopefully) sometimes this year

if you can find specific things that can be improved in the challenges, those could be actioned and incorporated in the current curriculum

I’m not talking about bugs, but about the overall/entire design of this module.

that is in progress, you could join the discussion about the new version of the curriculum here:

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I have closed this topic, as the discussion has run its course. Feel free to open a new topic, if you feel there is new discussion to be had.

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