MongoDB problems

I just downloaded and installed MongoDB. But when I open the .exes they open and close giving me no time to write in them :confused: Is that the way it is?

Normally the way mongodb and some other databases work is that it’s made up of a daemon that runs in the background. Therefore you’re going to have to make an interface to your database using something like mongoose with nodejs. Which then allows you to write and perform queries on the database.

So it is installed correctly and there no fault from my side? (I skipped compass however)


Follow this guide: [] it will help you for sure

Thank you so much. It was very helpful. Though I already did what was in that post, it confirmed that what I was doing was right. But I can’t seem to get the mongo --version to work. :confused:

There are 2 exe files Mongo and mongod one is to Initialize the server and the other one to run it.

Yeah I figured that out. But the mongo --version line does not work in command prompt.