MongoDB Query return true and false

Information about all the users on our app.

   "calories_per_day":1800, // Maximum calorie per day as set by user.

Information about the meals added by different users in our app. A user can add as many meals as he wants in a day. Each meal item will have the following info

   "datetime":"2020-12-20T16:00:00Z", // Date and time when the meal was consumed.
   "food_name":"pasta", // Name of food.
   "calorie":300, // Calorie contained in the food.
   "description":"Red Sauce Pasta",
   "_id":"123", // Unique Id for the entry, this could be the object ID (_id field) of mongoDB
   "username": "bhaveshs" // User for which the entry is added.

Steps to solve for this assignment:
. Based on your design, populate your database with 5 dummy users and 30 dummy meals (6 for each user).
. For each query to support, submit your response in the following format.
QUERIE to solve:

  1. Write a query which for a specific user (bhaveshs) for a specific date (2020-12-20), returns true if he has exceeded his daily limit and false otherwise (i.e true if sum of calories of all meals on that day > calories_per_day).

I need help to solve this, how to solve this query?

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