Mongodb Validation error?

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I’m attempting the MongoDB challenges. I’ve literally copy-pasted the solutions into the file at the specified location. I’ve tried both and glitch. I’ve used Postman to send requests as per server.js and verified that they perform alright. But freecodecamp is not passing my tests. This is anything further than step 1 (verifying the package).

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Literally the sample solutions

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Challenge: Create a Model

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Hi, Did you put your code at this location in myApp.js?

As good as, unless comment lines matter? lmao

Welcome, acenturyandabit.

Could you please provide a link to your project’s code?

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Thank you.

Do you seen any output in the logs that could be relevant? Are you sure you are connecting to the database successfully?

It might be worthwhile adding this to see if the env variables are behaving:


process env is working just fine. There are no logs on the webapp side, apart from POST or GET when i see the results coming in.