Mongoose or Mongodb Native api in 2018/19

Please state your preference between mongodb native driver and mongoose, as well as reasoning your preference, especially the pros and cons.

This question is restricted to Nodejs environment.

I’ve never seen native Mongodb used and don’t know of anyone whose tried. So I would have to say that you should use Mongoose

I haven’t taken a survey and I’m no expert, but I would say most use Mongoose. It is more readable IMHO and the schema add some type and shape security. I’ve met a few that prefer native MongoDB over Mongoose, but not many. Like anything else, there are going to be people that love it and hate it. About the only pro-native argument I can think of is that it will be faster. So, if you have to make a few million calls to the DB, then maybe native has an advantage.

I would suggest learning the basics of MongoDB and then moving onto Mongoose, if that’s what you want to do. If you got hired onto a job that had a no-Mongoose policy, it would take you a day to refresh yourself.

I think beginning coders get too caught up in worrying about “should I learn this or that”. There are no perfect answer, Just learn.