Mongoose, Tests not passing even thought code is right

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I have been doing this for 3 days now, and 99.99% sure its correct, the challenge isn’t passing tho :confused:

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var queryChain = function(done) {
  var foodToSearch = "burrito";
  Person.find({ favoriteFoods: [foodToSearch] })
    .sort({ name: "asc" })
    .exec(function(error, people) {
    if (error) console.error(error)
    done(null, people)

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Challenge: Chain Search Query Helpers to Narrow Search Results

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Hello there,

The only thing I can think to suggest, without having seen the rest of your code, is to follow the format in the instructions exactly.

.find() , .sort() , .limit() , .select()

Keep that order of operations.

Also, when I did it, I passed 'find' as the first argument to .exec

Hope this helps

Hello, Thanks for the helpful insight. It didn’t work though :frowning:

In that case, could you please post a link to your project?


Line 227

Actually, I do not know why i missed this: Why did you place the foodToSearch inside an array?

favoriteFoods: [foodToSearch]
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Hahaha! That worked! I thought to that to find something inside an array you use this syntax :laughing: