Moovees - Movie Tracker App review

Hey guys… considering this for portfolio…
Any feedback is welcome

  • username: testuser
  • password: testuser

Please note: Its heroku so it may take a few seconds to load up

Thanks in advance

Why don’t you keep the home page where it says “Begin your moovee journey by searching a title” it seems a little odd to me, It can be styled better with CSS or whatever tech stack you are using try containerizing the data.
I am too just stated in this field have a good day
ps : take my advice with a grain of salt

Hey! Thanks for the input :slightly_smiling_face:
So… The Banner you see once you login, is so the user is met with something instead of an empty page with a form. The only time that banner appears is if it’s a brand new user, with no lists, OR if a user deletes all of their lists, otherwise, their lists are displayed as it persists with DB. That’s the rationale behind the banner =)

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