More lost and confused after LEARNYOUNODE

Yes, I can feel what you are saying. I did solve most learnyounode puzzles like that but always felt I didn’t really know what it was about and that was uncomfortable which eventually escalated to sheer panic. A few weeks ago I finally managed to get my timestamp exercise done. The panic is abating and I don’t feel so lost any more. I’m reading “Node Up and Running” and I’m beginning to understand it better and better. The official node docs though are still quite mystifying. I believe that is also because I have no TCP/IP background and/or other server knowledge. That is why I cannot connect info from one module with the other and you need to be able to do that, like request is an object that is linked to the http module but it is also a stream and so stream properties are applicable blablabla. Also, questions like, the difference between a socket and a port and other stuff like that.I know some html, css and js. Can anyone recommend a good book? There’s not too much info on the internet. I found beginner info on ) but it’s all quite scattered. Maybe I’m exaggerating? I don’t know .Are there other questions I need to get answers to? Thanks, still in love with FCC.

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Learnyounode made me feel pretty stupid.
Made me question my decision to learn coding.

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@clevadani , I know how you feel and if you’re ready to spend 15-20$ Udemy’s Complete NodeJs developer Course 2.0 by Andrew Mead is pretty awesome.
I’m in no way affiliated with udemy or andrew , its just that i took that course and he is really explaining all of it really goood :slight_smile:

Awesome thread here guys, a great relief as I’ve just started the backend cert and have now instantly gotten stuck… I feel pretty confused and completely misunderstand every learnyounode lesson… Nothing makes sense because I don’t know why and how to do anything! It started off easy with a simple console.log! But then just jumped forward soooo far without any proper guidance.

I have done some basic routing to make simple websites at work, which has been rather straightforward and understandable, but I never had to get dirty with intense Node work. Generally I would just be creating routes, and serving data through template tags within HTML pages using EJS. I thought that was what working with Node was sort of about… This now feels like another world.

I’m a bit annoyed that FCC have decided to throw us in the deep end here. It doesn’t really make learning Node fun at all. As usual I get annoyed because there is never any explanation as to why these skills are important. Practical usage and proper explanation about when, how and where you use these techniques is vital for beginners. Otherwise it’s just so easy to get scared away.

I’m going to give some of the video tut’s mentioned in this thread a go first…

I understand your frustration with it but the good news is it will be going away once the beta version of FCC comes out of beta. In the meantime I recommend watching Stephen Mayeux. He recently did some videos on YouTube for the FCC learnyounode. He is an excellent teacher. I highly recommend him.

Hi Jack,

I totally get it, I freaked out as well. I did the Udemy course by Andrew Mead which is ok, it helps you to get everything set up and he does explain a few things but it is still rather superficial. It is ok as an introduction. The course by Anthony Alicea, also on Udemy is absolutely awesome. It did cost me 15 euros or twenty, don’t remember exactly how much but he explains everything. He starts from what you know and he really goes deep into the subject so that you don’t just know a few tricks. You will look at the node source code and he unravels how it is all put together. I loved it.

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yeah I will definitely do that. But for now I am going to continue getting my head around modern front end frameworks like Angular. I’m going to try and do the data viz cert all in Angular 2.

I agree. It’s a poor intro for beginners. Though I did learn a lot, there’s little to no context or scaffolding beforehand that helps you build on your knowledge. I think this could be solved pretty easily through a few FCC modules that introduce you to what Node is, cover why you might want to use it, and explain some of the important vocabulary/methods before you start learnyounode, etc.

edit: one thing I found helpful was looking up youtube videos of people going through the challenges and coding along. Just wanted to throw that out there.

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