More practice then project Would love tips and criticism

So I have already turned in an earlier project for a landing page. And I have also finished my personal portfolio page. But I wanted more practice, before I turn in my personal portfolio and move forward.
There is still so much I do not understand, or struggle with.
As I said before I kind f feel like I am learning to cook. And just tossing things in a pot until it tastes okay. A little px, here some vh there an occasional rem.
So would really love feedback, and criticism.
Thank you, Gabe.

I’m in the same position right now. I can muddle through all the projects but I am slowing things down as I feel I will be missing out on a few things if I just plow through it and head 100% into JavaScript. I would suggest just doing another project or two and forcing yourself to use things you’re not sure about (such as grid or flexbox perhaps?)

Regarding your landing page - I like the droid idea! I would work on the visual look of the page. Work on centering the email input and submit button…perhaps have the submit button sitting underneath the email by displaying them as blocks? Your navbar isn’t aligned centrally either and the text shrinks too small when the browser is sized down. Also, the submit buttons at the bottom would look nicer if they aligned centrally with the lists above them. The only other thing I would do is look up HTML5 semantic tags and perhaps structure your HTML a little more but this is more of a personal preference but it’s good practice going forward. (For example you’ve used header and nav to pass the requirements, but you don’t carry on the semantic tags all the way down the page.

Thank you. I definitely appreciate your feedback. And really as far as visually there is a lot I am not happy with. Thought take a step back get some feedback and criticism go back to it with a fresh set of eyes.
Thanks again. gabe.