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So I’ve been continuing to work on the A.I with Pseudocode from a couple days ago and I’ve put in that command thanks to the help I’ve received, but now I’m stumped again. I’ve asked my school for permission to connect my program to a private page in the school canteen website to experiment with using the internet but I’m not sure where to start. I know it needs to require four things:

  • The school days (for certain orders)
  • When the order is taken
  • What gets emailed to the canteen email
  • When the A.I emails the canteen.

Once again, not asking for the actual code, just some starting help. Really sorry I’m not good at coding, thank you.


Okay, let’s look at what your page needs. It sounds like you want a form that:

  • Includes a field to add the order pickup date - and checks if that date is a school day (Monday thru Friday)
  • Includes a field that has the current Date (for when the order is taken)
  • Emails that information, plus the order details, to the canteen
  • Schedules that email to send at a certain time (maybe the morning of the pickup date?)
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Honestly, I don’t know how your so amazing. Thank you so much, this really helped.

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