Morgan Freeman Tribute Page

This is my first project. It’s a tribute page for Morgan Freeman. Feel free to leave any feedback and point out the mistakes. Please go easy on me though

You can make the list look cleaner by adding this to your CSS

ul {
  list-style-type: none;

I think the 3 photo layout across the bottom can be improved. The photos don’t appear centered with the text below it, and when viewed on a small screen, the photos also scale down. It will be better if the photos will be displayed at a bigger size when viewed on a small screen (and not proportionally scaled down).

Thank you for your feedback.
I want the three photos to always stay in one row. That’s why I used img-responsive class. And that makes the images scale down on a smaller screen (doesn’t look bad to me though). Should I use something else?
And about the photo-text aligning… I’m still working on it. Do you think perhaps adding some padding would fix it?

You can apply to your img tag an additional class that contains:

margin: auto

That’s fine if that’s how you want it, it’s just a preference thing.