Motivating myself! make coding a habit!

I’M DETERMINED! This is a self proclamation I will recite everyday to encourage myself!

I posted before with some questions because I was having a mid-college dilemma but now I have my gears set on overcoming it ! I spent the last couple weeks wallowing in my anxiety for the future (lots…lots… of anxiety) but now I’m going to bite the bullet and turn all my attention to coding, learning, and giving myself the courage to change paths. I’m a person that likes to start things a lot but I end up not continuing because I burn out quickly (usually I overdo it in the early stages) or I am embarrassed by my not-doing-well.

To ensure I’m persisting on this challenge, I’m going to vlog my entire journey through the first certification course (RWD). I’m going to record my thoughts and feelings during it like “what gave me a hard time?” and “what was easier for me?” etc. I think a video diary/study vlog will help me sort out my emotions and force me to stay consistent. Anyway, my plan is to work on a project everyday for at least 1 hour. I think that’s a good starting point.
I’m onboarding this thing all alone (I’m quite introverted and I haven’t told anyone about my problems or that I’m starting this thing) so I think having a video diary would be helpful to my soul as well. I’m not sure if I’ll post my vlogs online or anything.

I’m not sure why I’m writing this either… I think this is a long-winded post that most people wouldn’t like to read- and I think maybe that’s why I’m writing all my thoughts here because I doubt anyone would read them. I think this post serves as another accountability thing for me.

Oh and if anyone has read this whole thing/skipped to the end, please leave me suggestions on how to make friends/connect with people in the same situation as me (newbie coder). Thanks!


Man I am also a newbie & I won’t able to give you any suggestions about how to make friends because I don’t have any :smiling_face_with_tear: , But I would like to be your friend if you’re fine with that message me on my telegram. [PERSONAL DATA REDACTED] & I have read your whole essay :rofl:

A video diary sounds cool! It makes me think perhaps I should journal my progress. I’m also a newbie coder that hasn’t made connections. :sweat_smile: I got some nice suggestions on a post i made in this topic recently. Best of luck to you!!


Honestly it is kind of weird having to turn on a camera every time I sit down to code and talking to a camera is kind of a weird feeling. It is helpful to me because at least I can verbalize some stuff. Thanks for suggesting your last post, I actually saw it on the forum prior! Great post and I’m glad there are so many people out there willing to drop suggestions. I am thinking about making a discord for newbie coders (just a small one to keep each other accountable / help each other out).

Goodluck to you too!
I love your profile picture BTW!

LOL thank you so much for taking the time to read! Looks like the telegram thing is redacted, you can DM me! I’m much more comfortable with discord though, I don’t have a telegram.

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Newbie here as well, just read your post through and through, I share a lot of the same sentiments. Really enjoying learning to code and I’m gonna do everything I can to stick with it. I’d really like a career change.

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