Motivation to be an IT person

The whole world is in Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis but IT people are must working in office or from home.

– Because of IT people All banking systems continue to function.
– Because of IT people the online stock trading system continues as it is
– Because of IT people All hospitals are functioning with their websites and software.
– Because of IT people ATM software works 24x7 to keep it running smoothly
– Because of IT people 24x7 hours of monitoring to keep all websites running
– Because of IT people Internet, phone services are running by managing the software behind it
– Because of IT people There are millions of mobile apps that you use every day uninterruptedly
– Because of IT people You get uninterrupted Updates in all the news channels who are using the news software
– Because of IT people All entertainment channels are functional by their software
– Because of IT people Your kids are learning and doing classes online
– Because of IT people Pharmaceutical software are running and managed

Salute to life saving doctors, nurses, salute to police, cleaners, salute to millions of subsistence farmers**

(And the All of IT guys will work behind the scenes).


Good first post, mate. Rock on!

Support people everywhere, in every field, are the ones keeping the engines of commerce well-oiled. Not the bloody C-suite, and definitely not Wall Street.

And why do I suddenly have the urge to watch Fight Club?

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