Motivation to keep on learning

I can’t seem to find motivation to code. I’ve done the HTML, CSS certification and am currently finishing the first tutorial in JavaScript. I have no point of reference, so I feel demotivated to learn to code. Am I going too fast? It seems really easy to pick up for me. I just can’t seem to practice for more than an hour a day. Point of reference: I’ve dedicated the past 2 months to learn to code off and on.

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You don’t have to practice more than an hour a day.
Do whatever your schedule allows time for.
It is more important that you are productive with your time instead of focusing on quantity.

I think it would help to tie it to something real like a project.
When you are just learning concepts and not connecting with anything then it is not really that fun.
But when you have a real working project, then you start to see the pieces come together and want to keep learning.

You might want to look into doing some projects from Javascript 30

Most people experience this.
When you first start out everything is new and exciting.
But as time goes on, the newness wears off.

I think you have to ask yourself why you want to learn how to code.

For me, I started out wanting to build some music related projects and ended up loving it.

Maybe you want to switch careers?
Maybe you have some projects you want to build?
Maybe you are just checking it out?

If you can identify the Why behind learning how to code then it will be easier to keep going during the difficult times. :grinning:


See this one
Learn JavaScript - Full Course for Beginners by freecodecamp

This might help :sparkles:

Don’t depend on motivation. Your motivation is and will always be a fickle thing. You need to build discipline. To build discipline you need a plan. This plan has to be attainable, measurable, and most importantly realistic.


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