Movie API: Promise Pending Issue

I’m using The Movie Database API. And the problem that i can’t solve is returning “keys” variable when i call the function with Movie’s id.I’m new on JavaScript that’s why i can’t solve this. Hope someone can help me, thanks in advance.

const APIURL = "[MY API KEY HERE]&page-1";     
async function getMovies(url)
    const resp = await fetch(url);
    const respData = await resp.json();
        async function getTrailer(id)
         const resp = await fetch(`${id}/videos?api_key=[MY API KEY HERE]&language=en-US`);
         const respDataa = await resp.json();
         let results = respDataa.results;
         let keys = results[0].key;
         return keys;
    function showMovies(movies){
      movies.forEach(movie => {
           const modals = document.createElement('div');
         modals.innerHTML = `  <a target="_blank" href ="${getTrailer(}">Watch Trailer</a>`


You have to await or.then the return (it’s a Promise). You also have syntax errors in the showMovies function.

function showMovies(movies) {
  // make the forEach callback async
  movies.forEach(async (movie) => {
    console.log(getTrailer( // Promise {<pending>}

    const trailer = await getTrailer(;
    console.log({ trailer });

    const modals = document.createElement("div");
    modals.innerHTML = `  <a target="_blank" href ="${trailer}">Watch Trailer</a>`;
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Whoa thank you sir!! I’ve tried everything but i couldn’t find any solution for it.Thank you so much, you make my day :slight_smile:

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