Movie app using api

Made a simple movie app using api with pure html5,css3, js.
Also added default image in case api doesnt have poster, but its stored locally so on codepen it wont work.
It would be great to see some feedback on code!

You should have an alt attribute for images for accessibility

I think it would look nicer if the movies that showed up were all the same size as some are longer than others. The onclick would be better on the element itself instead of just about. It is hard to tell because when I hover the image my cursor becomes a pointer indicating I can click it but I can’t

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Thanks for the review.
Fixed everything, you can check it!

I looked at it again and found a bug at smaller screen sizes the scroll bar takes precedence over the close button so I can’t close the information box.

By the way, one enhancement I would make is if I click outside the info box, it auto closes the info box.

Put it on GitHub Pages or similar when you’re done, will be a nice addition to your project list

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