Moving forward with baby steps :)

I’m just about to start the Basic Algorithm Scripting section. It’s definitely getting more complicated. I find that one of the hardest things is just remembering all the different ways I can do something. I’ll read the directions and find myself just starting into space thinking ‘i have no idea where to even start’ lol

wish me luck!


When you start that over think that write the steps one by one and you should follow the steps

Yep, things start getting a little harder at this point and the challenges may take a little longer - that is completely natural - everyone goes through that.

If you “don’t know where to start”, don’t be afraid to ask in the forum. Just try to keep your questions specific. There is no question that you can ask that there aren’t another 10 campers thinking about but are too chicken to ask.

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once you know what to do… google is your friend for the how!


yes you are right ieahleen