Moving from desktop apps to web, how much JavaScript

Hi. I am trying to move into web programming after 3 years of C#/VB desktop development. I have taken online courses in HTML, CSS, JS, ES6, REST as well as built some CRUD apps in MVC. At this point it looks like each web discipline is endlessly deep. Is there a practical guideline as to how much JS you need to succeed at an entry level web developer position? Thank you.

I would recommend learning one of the popular frameworks (like React, Angular, or Vue) and take the time to build a reasonably complex application of your own design. If you’re already an experienced C# developer, then the language differences shouldn’t be a barrier. The harder part of starting out in web is understanding how the various pieces of a web application work together. Whenever you feel confident, go ahead and start applying. Keep working on your personal project during this time because the more time you spend adding complexity, the more you’ll be able to speak the same language as your interviewers.

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Thanks for the reply. I have React lined up next. I was thinking about focusing on companies that have more technical /non customer facing applications? The thought was, they may not make heavy use of JS and it may be easier to get a foot in the door. Or do most apps use complex JS? Im trying to move as quickly as possible into a Jr. web dev role.

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