Moving from Mainframe to Front-End

Hello Friends.

My name is Nitin. I have been working in an MNC for almost 6 years now in a Mainframe based project.

I am interested in the front-end part of websites and I have hands-on in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

I am at the javascript calculator challenge on FCC right now, but couldn’t get time to finish it.

I also publish poems and stories occasionally on

Today i am here to ask your suggestions and advice. I want to get out of this mainframe and be a web-dev. I am lost and I don’t know where to begin. I am also the only bread-winner in the family so I cannot switch jobs without getting a decent pay-increase just because I want to switch my technology.

Please advise.

Seems like you have already built a decent website. What is the problem?

That’s wordpress hosted website. Nothing much to do really.

I want to quit this mainframe and start to a different technology.

You said you don’t know where to begin. You just did begin by creating your own website (even if it is WordPress). You have the ability to make a site for anybody. In fact if someone wants a website, I would never code it all by hand from nothing. I would always start with a WordPress site and customise it to their needs.
The only exception would be if the site was small enough to go on one page. Then I would use a HTML template and then fill in the content. Knowing a bit of CSS and JS will help customise.

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I am not sure… I just feel lost in Life. I completed 6 years in one single project in Mainframe and not without much learning and exposure in Mainframe tech itself. :frowning:

Who uses mainframes these days?

We do…in our organization for many projects…

Well in my career I was using AS/400s and S/38s before that. It took me a while to learn coding properly but during that time I learned some programming but those languages were not great for someone learning to code:

It was only when I left and went to study computing full time that my progress began.

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