Moving on from VBA to another programming language

Hello world,
I thinking of moving my inventory management system from excel VBA to another programming language. I have little to none programming skills on other languages.
Which language would be easiest to learn with my experience in VBA and would do the job as an inventory management software? I was thinking C# for GUI and SQL for database. How about F#?
What do you think or recommend?
Thank you for your time world.

Hello baxius, Welcome to the forum!
I think that since you still want to continue in inventory management.
Learning intermediate SQL will be very useful, indirectly it will allow you to gain more proficiency in relational databases and Oracle Cloud. And database management is a valuable skill.
If, in addition you are searching for a general purpose language I would recommend you either C#(for GUI) or Python.
Hope this help, best of wishes.

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