Moving to from HTML & CSS to bootstrap - Was you ready?

I’ve made a point of taking my time and not trying to rush through any of the exercises and have just finished the HTML & CSS. I even completed the CodeCademy HMTL & CSS fundamentals.

Although all went fine and I understand the fundamentals and all the exercises, I don’t feel confident in being able to create a static website right now. I haven’t retained as much knowledge as I thought I would. Is this ok, did anyone else here feel the same way when moving to bootstrap? I’m presuming just moving forward, I’m going to be using alot of HTML & CSS so it’ll be picked up over time.

Has anyone else felt the same way, yet still progressed?

Literally everyone has felt this way. You’re doing just fine :thumbsup:

Keep at it, and someday it will ‘click’.

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Exactly what i was hoping and needed to hear! Thanks :slight_smile: