MS dhoni Tribute page

Hey Guys,
I have completed my tribute page about MS Dhoni.

Please give your feedback anc criticism.

Just a couple of things that I noticed on first glance:

I highlighted them in pink in the attached screen shot.
1- the burger menu is sitting in what looks like a weird spot overlapping the grey area
2- the title seems to not be centered in the middle of the grey area

Maybe make the grey area thinner and shift it down? (to solve both issues) Not sure if that will work with your code, but that’s just my observation.
As an aside, I’m not an expert on fonts but something about the two fonts you used in the header looks off. Maybe they are not really related or their styling is not very complimentary. (play with thickness of the letters maybe or use the same font if you’re not already doing that).
Maybe also pick a color for your page header that matches the team on which MS Dhoni plays to bring a more purposeful theme to your page. (I’m not sure the color conveys anything to me right now)

Hope this helps,