Mucci Men Inc. Product Landing Page

Hey all,

This is a site I made for a made-up company idea my friends and I came up with. All feedback is appreciated!

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WOW!!! Super cool design! I love it! Very creative. You must have attended art school.


Maybe it’s me, we’ll see what others say.

  • I think your ‘about’, ‘mission’, ‘video’ and ‘apply’ sections should be set to the viewport size. Since there’s really no additional information in each section it would make sense if they were contained in the size of the viewport rather than making me scroll to see the little bit of info that’s in there, or not in there.

  • Again, it may be just me but the words ‘corpses’ and ‘corps’ (and corpse if that’s what you were going for) are all pronounced differently so I don’t know why you mention ‘corpses’ and have it with a strikethrough. If there’s some kind of inside joke there, you should explain it.

    • And yes, I know it has nothing to do with your design, just something I think is weird.

Overall, you did a nice job with all the work you put into it. It’s still easy to read.


Yea you’re right. Is there a way to stretch the backgrounds to the viewports height? The backgrounds in each section are linked to each other if you look closely. To be more specific, the stripes in one background link to the stripes in the other backgrounds.

As for the corps and corpses thing, I just thought that corps and corpses look like pretty similar words and it’d be funny to include that as an intended typo. Imagine you wanted someone to join your club and you accidentally said the people in your club were “cruel” instead of “cool”.

Haha, thanks! I’m glad you like it. I’ve only taken one art class but I didn’t find myself too good at it though, haha. I do want to make a videogame someday though.

By the way, on the bottom of your webpage it says

website by sean bergeron (+ friends!)

What did the friends contribute to you webpage?

Well, my friends are very supportive and they helped me brainstorm some ideas on what the company we made should be about. The website was created by me but I couldnt’ve done it without the feedback and ideas from my friends, so I wanted to give them some credit.