Muhammad Ali Tribute Page: my first page ever! What do you think?

Hello everyone,
I’m excited to share my tribute page here with you all here.

This is the first page I have ever developed from scratch (rather than templates and/or WYSIWYG). It took me longer than I expected it would, but I wanted to deeply learn and apply new things, which I have now done! I tried a lot of different things and ran into quite a few stumbling blocks on the way, but now that I figured most of them out, I am very confident in my abilities.

If I had more time, I would continue to make some adjustments to this page, but I’m anxious to move on, so it is what it is!

I feel very confident about being able to finish the next project quickly with good results.

There’s a pretty easy to find easter egg on the page that I enjoyed creating. What do you guys think? Any feedback on both my style and my code would be highly appreciated.


Wow. That’s pretty fancy. Hopefully mine ends up looking at least vaguely presentable when it’s done. Great job.

Thanks Perfidion!
Just keep working on it until you like it! It might take longer than you like, but the things you learn will really help you on the next project(s).

I looked at various other tributes and other pages I liked online and tried to learn their secrets. It’s easy to mess things up, but then fixing them makes it easy to avoid them again! :slight_smile:

Good luck, please share your results when you are done!