Multi Dimensional Arrays, Multiple errors, totally lost

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I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here, I feel a little lost on this section

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const myArray = [
[1, 2, 3],
[4, 5, 6],
[7, 8, 9],
[[10, 11, 12], 13, 14],

const myData = myArray[3][1];
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Challenge: Access Multi-Dimensional Arrays With Indexes

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let walk through your code

This is saying get the third element in the array which is [[10, 11, 12], 13, 14] then get the element at index 1 which is 13, remember to start counting from 0
However the challenge wants you to find 8

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I believe it’s supposed to select the Y axis the number is on, followed by the X axis the the number is located at?

Your last comma was suppose to have a data and then be closed with a ] .

thank you so much, I was a bit spaced out on this one!

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