Multi-dimensional arrays

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I need explanation on the code below. Why does console.log return deepest-est? i can’t seem to figure that out.

let nestedArray = [
  ['deep'],[['deeper'], ['deeper']],[[['deepest'], ['deepest']],[[['deepest-est?']]]
// logs: deepest-est

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function forecast(arr) {
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  return arr;

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console.log(forecast(['cold', 'rainy', 'warm', 'sunny', 'cool', 'thunderstorms']));

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I believe there’s a missing ] but here’s a general explanation of the steps to take:

So we have this array

let nestedArray = [
[‘deep’],[[‘deeper’], [‘deeper’]],[[[‘deepest’], [‘deepest’]],[[[‘deepest-est?’]]]

and we’re accessing this pocket in the array: [2][1][0][0][0]

so first we go to position [2] which means this: [[[‘deepest’], [‘deepest’]],[[[‘deepest-est?’]]]

keep on going like that until you reach the last position [0]

you’re missing a closing bracket btw. But anyway, if I add that in

// nestedArray[2], so third item in the original array:
// second item in that array
// first item in that array
// first item in that array
// first item in that array

Thank you much. I now understand.