Multi-Function Calculator - Build a Multi-Function Calculator

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Challenge: Multi-Function Calculator - Build a Multi-Function Calculator

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Hello, I see that you do not have a question or you have done it wrong, delete the post or correct it to improve the forum, thanks

Hello, I can not understand what this project want us to do.
The directions in the link of the project: tell us to make a calculator that does the following:

  • solve proportions
  • solve for x in equations
  • factor square roots
  • convert decimals to fractions and percents
  • convert fractions to decimals and percents
  • convert percents to decimals and fractions

The cells in the shared google colab notebook tell us to make a calculator with these functionalities: * Add, subtract, multiply, divide

  • Detect prime numbers
  • Generate prime factors of a number
  • Simplify square roots
  • Solve for a variable

What should we do to complete the project?
Thank you in advance


I have reflected this issue in other post, and a staff from FCC said he would go back and rewrite some of the text, but apparently it’s not fininshed yet, so there might be no definitive answer for now. What I have done for this project was incorporating all functions for both set of requirements, perhaps you may do so if you do not want to wait for further clarification.

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Okay, thank you for your time!

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