Multiple Site Issues

Initially, I was reaching out because I was having an issue with one exercise; the ‘Learn CSS colors by building a set of colored markers in the new web design course’. In step 49, the step requires that I change the color-background property to just a background property. I did as asked and submitted but got an incorrect response.

As shown I correctly completed the step but the code is not being accepted.

The other issues came after when I tried to get help on the form. Once I clicked on the support link I am routed to the form with a pop-up that asks if I want to create a new account or log in to my Freecodecamp account. As I already have an account I selected the latter offer. I was then prompted to put in my email linked to my account, which then triggers an email with a login code to be sent to my email. In the Safari browser once I put in the code I am routed to a ‘502 Bad Gateway’ error page.

Due to that error, I tried just logging in using my email. I tried to do so but was asked for a password which I never set up in the first place. I attempted to reset the password using the 'forgot password link, but when I entered my email linked to my account the error response I got was that there was no email found. This is clearly a code or database issue as the email I used is linked to an account as I was able to log in previously and receive the previous log-in code needed in the first option I tried.

The last option I tried was just to create a new account, just to get my issue heard. So, I went through the sign-up form and submitted the required information but again was faced with an issue. An error message claimed that the username, email, or password was incorrect when on the form each input box shows that the email, username, and password were accepted.

Please review these issues and reach back out to me in regards to the initial issue I have.

You should click the Ask for Help button again now that you have a forum account.

You mention Safari - Apple does a bad job of following web standards, so I would try using a different browser.

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