Multisim program

Hi to all,

I am looking (trying to install) if someone that have known a way to install the program Multisim (for students) on Mac?
Thank you.

Can you use the online version?

You can try wine

Seems the installer crashes on newer versions of wine

Can I Install Multisim on Mac OS X or Linux?

Does the Mac can get some kind of “side effects”? (like the wrong medications?) for long term?
Thank you.

Not sure i understand the question, are you asking if installing wine will cause system issues? I have little personal experience using wine. But i wouldn’t think it would.

What about the online version, is it not an option?

I buy the program Multisim student edition ($41) from I call the phone in the morning to get permission to download. I download on Mac and get this error: "safari can’t open the file “NI_Circuit_Design_Suite_14_1_Education.exe” because no available application can open it.

Well yes it’s a Windows application (.exe), you can’t run it on a Mac. That is why i gave the link for Wine, it’s an emulator that (potentially) let’s you run Windows programs on Mac.