Music Notation in Code

Hey everyone,

Jarred here. I’m a musician learning coding. I’m currently almost through the javascript curriculum and looked ahead into a few basic python things. Can anyone offer some resources for implementing music notation in code? I know there are some font libraries and I’m trying to figure out how they work, but I’m not very experienced and there are no elaborate videos on this. I know I have much to learn and I need to be patient and continue with the curriculum, but any insight would be awesome!

I think you need to be a little more specific about what exactly you want to do. You mentioned font libraries so it sounds like maybe you are asking how to visibly display musical notation on the screen? Or are you asking about what sort of data structures you might use to store musical notation in your actual code? Or perhaps something else altogether?

Hey @bbsmooth,

Thank you for your response! I want to display music notation on the screen and use data structures too. I want to create a rhythm game that shows a rhythmic notation to the user and they need to tap a key in sync with the notation at the correct metronomic speed. It would be great if the user can create these rhythms on the site as well, and play against friends. This will be to teach 7- 14 year old kids about rhythm. I want to develop my own library which displays a kid friendly font. Can I use Adobe Illustrator to create this font and use data structures to store information for the font images?

I appologize if this is vague, but this is a large project and it has many areas I need to learn about. I basically want to gamify music for kids and host classes where they can play and learn music with each other. Any starting points you may offer would be great. I eventually want to know enough to deveop music software. Thank you again for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!

Every possible musical symbol is in Unicode, like these for example: ♩♪♫♬
You can google “unicode [musical symbol]” to get codes for each particular symbol you like. I’m also pretty sure there are few libraries for these things, like this one:

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You’re probably going to want to use a library. How to use that particular library is going to depend on the library itself, so you’ll be reliant on their documentation. I suggest getting the basics down before trying to bring in someone else’s toolset.

So that is a combo of my two projects - rhythmic notation and pitch notation. @snigo and @bbsmooth what about a call and response vocal exsercize game where a piano plays a melody(synthetic) and you need to sing it back and pitch recognition microphone audio grades you on it and its interacitve like that