Music Player(Project Feedback)

Hey guys,
I tried making this for a friend.
Will love some feedback on this, be it positive or negative.
Here’s the link:
Thanks :pray:.


Nice, I like it!

Side arrows by your music player would be nice I didn’t know they were snappable.

Also this is a question, how did you make a loading screen to wait for your main codes to load?


Really cool :grin: only, the shadow rotates with the CD whoch maybe would be more pleasing if the shadow stayed in one place so the lightsorce is coming from the same position :blush:

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Thanks @shimphillip

Even i think player needs arrows. Thanks for pointing out.

For that, i made a div which covers the entire page at first, and then added the load event listener to the window object which fades out that loader when window loads.

For html:


For js:

    .. fading away the div by changing css properties...


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Thanks a ton @KristianFriis for the feedback.

You know what that’s a really great suggestion. I would try doing that.
Thank you so much.

@shimphillip I have added arrows to player. You can have a look now.

@KristianFriis I couldn’t find a way to do that.
So, if you or anyone on the forum could help me with that, it would be great.

Edit: Made a few changes to it. Please provide some feedback.