Music Streaming Site - Looking For Feedback

I was inspired to do this site because of my desire to repurpose some of the old phones and tablets I had laying around. I have tested my site using an Android 2.3 tablet with Firefox mobile browser, and it works great! Other mobile browsers, not so great (seems to be an issue with protected web file access from the audio element). Anyways, I would love to get some feedback from others. Check out the Help menu option from the site for more info.

I like the idea, but I’m not so excited about the font. It takes up too much attention. Try a font like Montserrat that will support the design, but not jump out at you. You want a website design to feel natural.

Thanks for your suggestion…were you referring to the paragraph font, title/menu font, or both?

The title/menu font.

I’ve replaced the title/menu font with Montserrat, and I do like the way it looks in the menu compared to the previous font. However, as a title font it seems kind of plain to me. I’ll leave it as is for now, and perhaps find a better font for the title later.

Well the site you made talks about being used on mobile phones, it’s not very responsive and the menu font is huge on desktop, though I don’t expect to see a hamburger menu often on desktop.

I registered an account, and was not able to log in with the password I generated via LastPass

The Play page scale to fit the viewport, so yes it is huge on the desktop. Will eventually address this, but for now my focus has been mobile environment. And no, it is not yet responsive to orientation…it is currently fixed to landscape, but eventually I will make it responsive so that it will look good in portrait mode, as well.

Thanks for catching the password problem. After seeing your comment, I checked the code and I am only allowing alphanumeric chars in the password on the server side, but I am not doing the input-checking correctly on the client side. I will add the checking to the client ASAP, in the meantime if you come up with an alphanumeric password it should work.

EDIT: I have fixed the input validation for username and password on both the login and registration pages.