Music Survey for the Survey Project

Here is my survey project. Any feedback is appreciated :smiley:


Looks good!

How did you arrive at 30/70 instead of 50/50 for the survey column proportions? The wider the screen gets the more off to the left it gets.

If you preselect an answer in a survey the more favored that response will be due to people skipping it.

A realistic user age range would be nice.

Use label for on all the labels. for must match input id.

Questions for the checkbox’s and radio button’s sections are not label. p is good.

The text for inside the textarea should be in a placeholder attribute. As it is it will be data and included in every form response.

The check box section would look better when (max-width:600px) if there’s some sort’a justified alignment in grid.

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Thanks! I’m still learning my away around grid. I probably had a property set wrong somewhere but I used 30/70 because I thought it looked better for some reason. I took your advice and changed the age range. I plan on doing more some time this weekend

Thanks again for the feedback!