Musician Tribute Page - Looking For Feedback

Hey all,

Here is my tribute page project, Andrew McMahon (Musician) Tribute Page.

After completing the survey form and the technical documentation projects, I decided to turn my attention to this one, but was couldn’t really come up with an idea for a while. Finally, stumbled upon this idea. Tried to do some fun stuff with the tribute page, like creating a piano inspired navbar. Overall, I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. Might tweak some text colors here or there (or perhaps, they might be fine). Would appreciate any other feedback or ideas to improve it, spent a lot time trying to polish this into a nice portfolio piece.

Hope you like it!

Hi @airathalis! I just want to say your page is really cool, great idea with the piano keys. Your code is clear and easy to read and that’s important for me as i’m a beginner.
Well done and works correctly, great job

This is such a lovely page! Well done, on the design. It appears a few image links in the “discography” section are broken, but other than that your page looks very nice.