Musk Tribute Page Project

Hi guys! I’ve finishied responsive web design course a time ago, but today I decided to make some changes in my project, can you give me a feedback?

Here is the link:

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Hey There @angeloemanuelmarques !

First thing you need to do is include the FCC testing CDN to make sure your page passes all the tests necessary.

Add this script at the bottom of your html before the last </html> tag:

<script src=""></script>

When looking at the errors from the script we can see two errors that don’t pass,

One of them is that your image is not responsive, here’s an article from FCC that should help:

As for the other one you need to add Figcaption tag or div tag (not caption tag) with an id specified in the error, you should be able to fix that easily.

Also, you should let the <a> tag stand alone, it’s against proper HTML grammar to have it be a child element of the <button> tag.

Overall excellent job!

Thanks for the feedback! I will take a look at the errors

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