Must I do the challenge?

I really don’t want to sign up to some legal agreement and give Twitch my personal details just so I can get an api key to do this challenge, especially when I don’t think I’ll have anything to do with Twitch in the future. Also, how to keep the api key secure? It’ll be there for all to see, and I’ll be legally responsible for any breaches of Twitch’s developer agreement.

Is there some alternative json based challenge that could be done instead.


You can create an account with fake, meaningless data. The api key is as secure as your account, if someone is able to log in to your account, they’ll be able to get the API key. As for the code, usually you don’t keep the api key “in the open” for real projects, it’s usually served by the back end directly.

For the challenge we have to make an app with publicly viewable code. The api key will be also be viewable.

I know, you can create a dummy account just for the challenge, there isn’t a problem in people seeing your key.

The Twitch Developer Agreement is a legally binding document.

A couple of quotes from it:
Developer Accounts … you will: (a) provide true, accurate, current and complete
information about yourself and your business

Keys … All activities that occur using your Keys are your
responsibility. Keep them secret.

I suppose I could make a fake account, but that’s not a good example for developers-in-training.

Regarding Client ID security:

But I think there will be a “mock” response data that allows you to make the project without really connecting to twitch. I don’t know if that is already live or of it will only come with the curriculum expansion.