Must Know Tech for Web Developers 2016

This is a great overview of modern web tech .


Here’s the mind map.


very good video … scary though to see the amount of different sections involved in programming. I feel like it will take forever to get good at just javascript let alone anyother language lol. On a positive note im not going to run out of anything to learn as there is a lifetimes worth of stuff in that video to keep me going.

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Oh wow. Plus one just for the mind map. I’m going to keep that bookmarked to refer back to as I continue to learn.

I’ve been seeing this shared around the FCC facebook groups lately! It’s a great video for a guide map and a quick update on what is trending! Thanks for sharing. :smile_cat:

Mastering any language isn’t easy for anyone and few people master languages unless they have been using it for years. Most software developers only learn what they have to learn to work on common tasks.