Mutations test help

var a =['hello', 'her'];
a[1] = a[1].toLowerCase();
a[0] = a[0].toLowerCase();
var l= a[1].length;

for (i=0;i<l;i++){
  n= a[0].indexOf(a[1][0]);
  if (n<0)
if (n!=-1){
else {

the outcome is true, instead of false. could someone show me where i am getting it wrong. thanks

problem area:
n= a[0].indexOf(a[1][0]);

a[1][0], will always return 1 character ,‘h’, no matter which index the for loop is at, find a way to make that a variable and it will work

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If you put a console.log(n); on the line after the following:

  n= a[0].indexOf(a[1][0]);

then you will see n is always 0. It is 0, because since a[0] is “hello” and a[1][0] is “h”, you are finding the index of “hello” which is “h” (which is 0) and then assigning it to n. Your for loop is doing the same thing 3 times. Instead of looking only at the 0 index of a[1], you should be looking at the ith index of a[1]. See if you can change a[1][0] to reflect the ith index instead of the 0 index of a[1].