My 101 Tribute Page

This is my first project ever. It is almost a copy-paste, but still…

Having to stuck to the guidelines (being a complete newbie doesn’t help either, I know), I didn’t feel very creative (otherwise I would have done something slightly different, like following Dylan Israel’s tutorials on this very fCC project []). Also, I tried many things out from the curriculum but wasn’t able to implement them (completely my fault (-‸ლ).

Being so similar to the example, I still would like to make some basic changes I haven’t managed to, and I need your help for that, please:

  1. Change the font of ”Sean Parker, the Picasso of Business” (I only managed to change it all (-‸ლ).
  2. Change the color of ”Sean Parker, the Picasso of Business”.
  3. Have a bigger margin between ”The Founders Found (…)” and my quote at the end.
  4. Have a bigger margin between my quote and the very last line.

Thank you very much.

PS. This is the first topic I open here. I’ve read the guidelines, but I apologise in advance for any mistake I must have made.