My 1st Tribute Page (test) - Give me Feedback!

Hi everyone, I’m here looking for feedback on the first page I’ve created, the tribute page for the FCC test. Who would have known learning how to write stuff would be so fun?

So here it is!

I’m looking for any helpful feedback and I’ve got some questions of my own too:

  • my test query isn’t working, says #mocha div is missing, and adding a div with the value mocha seems to “fool” the code and make it run, but says 0 tests passed and 0 failed, so it’s not really working is it? How can I fix this?

  • I’m using boostrap and I want a media query for the h1 object which has a value of “display-2”, I’d like to make the font smaller and less spaced on smaller screens. I’ve got my own media query there, but it isn’t doing anything that I can see. Adding the !important value doesn’t seem to work either.

  • Should I use any other elements to make the page look better? I like the look so far (I like things that look clean) but I honestly feel that something is still missing. What would YOU do?


I would really love to learn

Good job! and your choise dude, and color using.

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Thank you very much, is there anything you would change?

maybe add some animation left and right or pictures of your favorite games, idk in the bottom of picture Kojima!

Thank you so much. I will learn it

Your page looks good @drscosta. Couple of things;

  • regarding the #mocha div, this is a problem that it seems many people here have had. If you search the forum for “mocha div missing” you will find many posts and many solutions. One of them is that you have to add to the list of allowed third-party website cookies.
    • As an aside, you currently pass all the user stories
  • This is incorrect;
    @media (max-width: 768px;) {
    it should be;
    @media (max-width:768px) {
  • You have a duplicate font-style in your blockquote > p > cite declaration. Remember the C in CSS stands for cascading.
  • Don’t use the <br> element to force line breaks. If you want two paragraphs, then code two paragraphs.
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Eheh thanks for the input again @Roma! Figuring why something is wrong is just as a important as knowing something is wrong, and your post was exactly what I needed.

I will update my project to reflect these changes, and I will keep working to make stuff better, always!

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