My Aaliyah Tribute page, any feedback?

18 hours ago I felt totally lost. Got some helpful advice, slowed down, took it step by step, and I think I’m done! I have run the tests and they pass.
I do have one question though. I wanted to use two different fonts on my page, but it looks like everything is formatted in ‘Quicksand.’ What do I tweak to fix this? Also, it seems I can’t make text bold using this font. Would appreciate any suggestions how to fix this.
Thank you!

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I took out all of the <strong> code in the markup because it wasn’t being formatted that way and I think it was causing bugs as well…

Hi @micha.ella !

I am about to head out to lunch but for those that want to reply to your post it would help if you shared your codepen link so they can see the issue for themselves.

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@jwilkins.oboe hahahaha, you know… you’re right!

font-weight:bold; in the relevant css code block should work. Or a shorthand example for your #tribute-info could be font:bold 20px quicksand, sans-serif; .
I dont know if putting quotes around your font names is making a difference, I don’t use quotes around single font names

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Looks great! I have to say I love your choice of historical/public figure as I named my daughter born 7/17/21 Aleah in part after the R&B singer, although I spelled it like my bestie spells her name instead lol.

I think the fonts are working, I looked at them on Google Fonts and they’re really similar-looking… Idk if you fixed it or if I just can’t tell the difference between the two?

Looks like you’ve hit all the parameters! Congratulations! Only thing I would suggest is maybe sizing the image a bit smaller since on my screen it’s looking pixelated.

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Thank you so much for the feedback @natalieb-k !
The fonts are somewhat similar. When I first put the href for “Urbanist” it appeared as an italic, which I liked. But when I added the code for “Quicksand” all the text was set at a 90 degree angle. Maybe I could play around with a different italic font…
Good suggestion about the image. I think it is pretty low-res. I might see if I can find a better version of it.
Congratulations on your baby girl! :revolving_hearts:

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