My account data just disapperared

Hi. I checked on the FAQ page and tried different emails, but i couldn’t find my data.
Everything was deleted. Profile picture, name, progress. And it didn’t even appeared that kinda “read me” page when u first create an account, almost like my account was resetted.
I didnt get any certification, i only finished the legacy responsive web design challenges and was doing the javascript ones.
If i can’t recover my account, i wish i at least could check the challenges i’m sure i’ve done

Are you sure you have logged in the same account?

Note that the freeCodeCamp account is recognised via email, so if you were using for example GitHub login and changed the mail address on your github, and then used GitHub login for freeCodeCamp, that would create a new account

Yes, i’m really sure, I’ve searched on my inbox and i only used one email for freecodecamp

Then I suggest you try to reach out to support at

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