My account has been blanked out. All my progress disappeared


i’ve accessed my freecodecamp account yesterday and found out that all my progress vanished. I had completed till about es6 plus a couple of front end frameworks sections. All the challeges are marked as not completed, my certifications disappeared and my account settings are gone too. It looks like i’m logging into a new blank account.
I’ve been always logging in with my github so i’m rather sure i’m not using the wrong credentials.

The only thing i remember doing is changing my github email in my github acoount, i don’t know if this could have triggered the creation of a new account.

Any help?


The good news is that your account is not deleted or “blanked out”. By changing the email address of your GitHub so that it no longer matches your FCC account, and then logging in with GitHub, you created a brand new account. The bad news is that I can’t give you exact steps to fix it. You may have to fiddle around a bit. You need to do something along the lines of the following. Log into your old account (you should be able to use the email address that you were using before). Change the email address associated with the account and unlink any social media accounts that use a different email. It could be as simple as that, but like I said, you may need to mess around some.

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That is exactly what i needed, it solved my problem. Steps were:

*delete the new “blank” account;
*logging in with my former github email address;
*changing the email address to the new github’s one.

Now i’m able to login with github again without the need of a shortcode everytime!

Thanks Ariel

I’m glad I could help. Happy coding!

The same thing has happened to me i know i have the right Email [ as it’s the only Email i’m getting messages from FCC ]. but all my progress is gone i completed all the HTML and 90% of the CSS stuff i was away for 2 months due to working on school work. I came back today and all my work is gone iis there any way this can be fixed ?

are you logging in with the email or with social accounts?

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oops never mind problem solved :3 thanks for the help i got my accounts mixed up.