My account has been this way just when i complete a task and it costed me my streak. Is anybody else experiencing this too please?

don’t try to render a component inside itself, that’s how you get an infinite loop

you should be able to delete the code in the editor cleaning your browser local storage

But that was the default code that came with the exercise, the only thing i changed was the adding an array to the To Do for today and tomorrow.

No, you will never have a starting code with a component rendered inside itself. Please restart the step, or clean your local storage.

This is the default code that came with the exercise, it comes with the infinite loop thing and it says to check my browser console, i’m not understanding a thing, please help

no, that is not the starting code. The starting code will never have a component rendering inside itself. Reset the lesson.

This is the starting code:

const List = (props) => {
  { /* Change code below this line */ }
  return <p>{}</p>
  { /* Change code above this line */ }

class ToDo extends React.Component {
  constructor(props) {
  render() {
    return (
        <h1>To Do Lists</h1>
        { /* Change code below this line */ }
        { /* Change code above this line */ }
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So if i clear out all the code, put this instead and include my array, it will work out ?

Have a go if it works

The same problem, i’ve attempted on both my default windows browser and google chrome.

what’s your code now?

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Right here

@camperextraordinaire Do i have to?

yes, to make sure that u never accidentally deleted the wrong code

To get back the starting code, yes

I just did and tried inputing the array to complete the challenge but it just crashed again, the two freecodecamp tabs i have opened, this one for the questions i’m asking and the other one i’m learning from

Do not write <ToDo /> inside the ToDo component

I should just write the array like < tasks = {[‘pray’, ‘workout’]} /> for instance?

You need to pass the array as a prop to a certain component, so not exactly like that

How then do you suggest because i think i’m supposed to use <ToDo />

No, you aren’t. That is not the only component you have there, and specifically there is one you have to edit

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