My all five web design projects


I’ve completed all five web design projects.
So go please to All links are presented in

Any feedback are welcome!


Good work!

Here’s a link for everyone else:

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Great work!

For the survey form, it bothers me a bit that the question text and the answer fields are not aligned on large screens:

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For the product landing page, what do you think giving a slightly different background color for the nav bar?

On the large screen, it felt like the word “price” was getting covered up by the browser’s scroll bar.

For the small screen, what do you think about adding a bit more padding around the main text?

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I just looked at your Technical Documentation page, and I noticed the following:

  • On browser mode, the vertical line that separates the main text from the navigation has a noticeably different color than the lines that separate the links. I don’t know if this is intentional, but it looks a bit odd to me.

  • There is a lot of white space on the text, which becomes very noticeable on the smaller screen. Maybe adjusting font size or setting text-align to justify can help?

  • On smaller screens the code in the code block can spill over. Maybe you set overflow to scroll?

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