My All Responsive Web Design Projects

Hello :slight_smile: I would like to hear your feedback (good or bad) about my RWD projects

  1. Tribute Page
  1. Survey Form
  1. Product Landing Page
  1. Technical Documentation Page
  1. Personal Portfolio Project

nice job on your landing page! I like it. when it goes to mobile tho, the nav menu loses its fixed position.

also when i click on a link in the technical documentation page. all of the links will dissapear

I did that on purpose. Thought this fixed header takes too much space on small devices and the project still passes all tests.

Thanks for that catch! I totally forgot that I hide menu on link click. I have already fixed that and now when you click on link menu only hides on mobiles and tablets; on desktops is always visible.

Shrink your browser’s width to below 1280px and you get the following. The section titles and part of the text gets cut off on the left side.

Yes, the navigation bar is open by default. You can click hamburger menu to close it or click to link in the list and it will close as well.

Not sure if you understand what I am talking about. The actual text on the right frame is cut off on the left side, so you can not read all of the content. You need to make the site responsive, so that no matter what size the device width is, the content is still visible. I was not referring to the menu text, though it also is getting cut off which does not look good either. When the user is not able to adjust their browser to their liking and still see all the content you have to offer, they will move on to the next website. An potential employer seeing this design would move on to the next candidate.

See if you can make the menu and the text in the right frame visible regardless of the browser width. It is fine to hide the menu for smaller devices, but when the menu is still present, it should look normal and readable.

The right frame isn’t cut off on the left side, but it’s behind the menu. I did that because I think that on small devices list of all list items is more important than content (less scrolling to find interesting material).

EDIT: I decided to hide the menu on mobile and tablets by default. On desktops is always open.

I guess you have not updated your Codepen yet, because when I view your website using a PC and shrink the browser width down, I can not see the full content on the right side, because it gets hidden by the nav menu. A user should be able to read the content on the right side even regardless what size screen they are viewing it with.

See below for how it looks when I shrink the browser width on my PC. There is no way to view the content on the right side. There are no horizontal scrollbars either to scroll over to the left.