My Animated Random Quote Generator

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I have worked for quite a while on my freeCodeCamp projects and just finished the Random Quote Generator.
I added a nice twist with ajax pre-loading function, animated page transitions and a randomized color change.
Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Quote Generator


You did a great work! I love quite everything of it: effects, colors, even quotes! :smiley:
The only think I like less, is the font of the quotes (I prefer sans serif font because they are more legible expecially in web).

Whatever;: this is the best I’ve ever seen until now!
I’ll get a more extensive look to your js one day… it seems really massive!
I’m trying to do the weather app and I’m a bit stuck on async problems, parsing, API… so I started to get a look in someone else solutions to better understand how to use JS in the “real word” :slight_smile:

I loved it so much. Its really beautiful and colorful eye-catching design is awesome. And I checked your post about portfolio as well. That was amazing with smooth animations and transitions. Keep it up :slight_smile: