My array mapping

    return    ?????

hi again im trying to map an array as so but if i just code return i, it just prints all the index to 100.
but if i want an array with index number and comma and next value? how to code it.
i, val i get syntax error and onli print values. any ideas>??

Can you show a short example of the array you want to return?

0: "094.9700"
1: "194.9950"
2: "294.9800"
3: "394.9150"
4: "494.9600"
5: "594.9300"
6: "694.9401"

it just looks like this if i code return i+val
but i want i to be a separate element and val the next after

no expert, but not sure you need the this arg, or the array param. If you want i,val, just build the string and return it:

this.era =, i) => {
  return  i+', '+val;

alternatively, use template string return `${i}, ${val}`;

thanks alot helping me with my pain I dont know if i need more options
but is it possible to map also decide like [0] 94 [1] 1 [2] 93.4
etz im happy witth the answer allready but is it possible if i ever need it>?

I would think that is possible. How to go about it? Well you have to edit the string, maybe start by removing the comma.