My Aspiration:Reality Cheak

Hi Interesting people,
I’m new here so I’m bit nervous to write this post (if your reading this thanks for your patience)
I’m 20 years old and my Current Project/aspiration are:

  • learning everything i can simultaneously

  • Making info currency

  • making an organization like freecodecamp but for wikipedia something like combination of
    1 . curlie
    2 .
    3 . Slack + obsidian +wiki +etc
    5. opensource version of tutorialspoint
    6. An World Knowledge ecosystem
    7. a crypto decentralized + centralized network ( semantic web )
    8. A worldwide University whose base is innovation research curiosity experimentation etc

So What you all think
Guidance Suggestion Criticism practical mistakes
all are welcome :grinning: :grinning: !!

how many years do you want to spend on this?

Just for a reality check, this is freeCodeCamp plan for an accredited degree:


Thanks for replay @ilenia,

planning wise It is on track of being an life long learning goal.

then you will need a lot of time, a lot of money, and not trying to learn everything at once but only what you need

also, Wikipedia has already an userbase and an organization behind, you can’t just steal it


Wikipedia is good , well build but it has its flaws for it there are options like etc
but my unique point is they are funded project for which they must rely on funding
Why not create an economy around an idea of my project (for apples walled garden but ours will be public open garden ) but opensource ?

Not commercial but an platform like openseas for nfts but opensource !!!

Like make incentive structure around free(only for making incentive not money) crypto of the project

crypto is not free as a base

how much programming experience do you have?

None but I’m talking about making own blockchain or copying an opensource one

start from learning, the web is not free as a start, and blockchains are incredibly expensive, as each transaction has everything else that ever happened in the blockchain included

You are right , @ilenia
I was just making point of making it like paying for your internet bill(regular expenses) on own network
Now blockchains are becoming less and less expensive

learning everything i can simultaneously

That is impossible, no human can do that.

Making info currency

What is “info currency”?

making an organization like freecodecamp but for wikipedia

What does that mean. FCC is a teaching platform for coding. What would a teaching platform for wikipedia mean?

You list a lot of technology and buzz words, but none of that matters if you don’t know what you want to do.

  • how much programming experience do you have?


Well, then all this talk is pointless at this point. You haven’t taken your first lesson in engineering and you’re asking for advice on what kind of spaceship to Alpha Centuri you can build.

Learn. Learn how to code. By the time you have learned, the technological landscape will have changed 3 times.

If you want to start a tech company, you either have to be a tech guy or the “vision” guy. (You also need someone that knows business.) And even if you are the vision guy having some tech knowledge is important.

But it sounds to me like you have none of those. (Sorry, but I cannot divine a coherent idea out of what you’ve written - I still don’t have the slightest idea of what you mean.)

Just learn. FCC can help you learn the basics of web dev. When you know more, you can hone your plan.


@kevinSmith Thanks for your replay,

That is impossible, no human can do that

Who tried and failed please mention them
as i would like to study there biography

What is “info currency”?

My idea- like how we use gold insted we use information as gold replacement
as advertising is already making data valuable we can use and transform it into user centered economy

integrating platforms like fcc and Wikipedia on knowledge nodes

For vision of my future
Thanks and like you said learning is important thats why i’m on fcc :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

There isn’t a biography of someone that tried to turn a banana into diamonds. It does not mean that no one tried hard enough. You are shifting the burden of proof. It is well accepted that humans can only take in limited amounts of information at a time. No one can learn everything they are able to learn all at once.

My idea- like how we use gold insted we use information as gold replacement
as advertising is already making data valuable we can use and transform it into user centered economy

No country uses a gold standard anymore, most use a fiat system. But let’s ignore that and assume that you were speaking metaphorically.

To the extent that data is “valuable”, it is only valuable to the extent that it will eventually make someone money. The knowledge that someone is searching the internet for car prices is valuable to car sellers because they might get to sell a car and make money. I can’t go to the grocery store and buy milk by telling them that my next door neighbor just painted her house. Are they doing to pay that back to the egg farm? Is he going to pass it onto the grain supplier? And the thing about currency (or specie) is that it is not reproducible. This dollar is this dollar and I can get others but I cannot duplicate this one. The opposite is true of information. If I know someone is interested in getting a credit card, I can tell everyone in the entire world and its value diminishes, practically to nothing. The reason corporations by mass amounts of data is because they want to be able to target specific people and do so before the competition. If all the companies have the same information, there is no advantage. And all of this is not because the companies want information, but because they hope it will lead to real money.

I suspect that in addition to coding, you might want to spend some time learning about economics. Just having an idea isn’t enough. You have to have a plan to make it work, one that does not contradict the fundamental laws about how the world works. I can’t just say, “I have an idea! Whenever anyone has a bad day, they get a free vacation to Tahiti and we pay for it by monetizing trivia about chickens.” That’s an idea, but there is no plan of how to make it work.

integrating platforms like fcc and Wikipedia on knowledge nodes

Sorry, I still don’t understand what you are saying.

Look, I like your enthusiasm. But you need to back that with knowledge and experience. You want to be the next Zuckerberg or Satoshi Nakamoto - great. They had big ideas. But they also did a lot of hard work first.

Do the hard work. Learn to code. I’ve known a lot of people with big ideas but never did the work to even be in a position to begin to put their idea into action. Don’t be like that - do the hard work. Only then will you be in a position to prove me wrong.


I would also add to learn business and maybe read some biographies of great creators. NPR has a podcast, something like “How I Built This”.

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