My Bender Tribute Page. Feedback Appreciated

Hi fellow campers, I submit to you my tribute to the great Bender B Rodriguez.

I uploaded to my personal site as would not load the page correctly (I have no idea why and could not be bothered trouble shooting).

Most of the text is taken straight from the wiki page and I used two bits of code from other people for the ticker and the fade in credited in the css file.

I really wanted have the background image be either a Gif of the Futurama title that ran once then stopped or use two images one with the Futurama title text that would show and then be overlayed by the one without text as the rest of the site faded in, but I decided that I would never be happy with it anyway so I just needed to finish it and move on with the course or I would never make progress.

My Bender Tribute Page

And here is the broken CodePen if anyone wants to look at it.

See the Pen Bender.B.Rodriguez by Phillip (@Kadargo81) on CodePen.

I would have went with Rick Sanchez. :grin:

A Rick and Morty tribute would be awesome but Bender will always be my O.G :sunglasses:

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